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Visualize Acetylated Proteins: New Ac Detection Tools

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Is acetylation the mechanism you’ve been searching for?

Visualize Ac-Mitochondria:
Broad, pan acetyl-lysine detection with the unique ability to identify mitochondrial-localized acetylated proteins (AAC02)

Track Ac-Microtubules:
Broad, pan acetyl-lysine detection with robust acetylated microtubule identification (AAC03)

Don’t miss out on detecting your acetylated proteins!

Broad Specificity: Cytoskeleton created acetyl-lysine affinity beads using a proprietary mixture of AAC02 and AAC03 antibodies.
Those beads (AAC04-beads) enrich the broadest profile of acetylated proteins on the market!

Signal Seeker Acetyl-Lysine Detection Tools

Signal-Seeker™ Acetyl-Lysine Detection Kits (30 Assays) (BK163) BK163

Signal-Seeker™ Acetyl-Lysine Detection Kits (10 Assays) (BK163-S) BK163-S

Acetyl-Lysine Affinity Beads (AAC04-beads) AAC04-beads

Acetyl-lysine Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (AAC02) AAC02

Acetyl-lysine Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (AAC03) AAC03

Acetyl-lysine-HRP-labeled Mouse Monoclonal Antibody(AAC03-HRP)

BlastR Rapid Lysate Prep Kit (BLR01) BLR01


American Biochemical & Pharmaceuticals Limited (ABP) has been servicing the medical and clinical diagnostics fields for over 20 years. ABP is committed to providing their customers with products of the highest quality at a competitive price.

ABP is the manufacturer of Ristocetin, a unique product essential in the diagnosis of von Willebrand Disease.

ABP’s Risto.abp.Cetin and its Lyophilized Platelets can be purchased as a part of a complete RICOF Kit or individually.
Product /Product Code /Packaging
RISTO.abp.CETIN /100RIST001 /1g vial
RISTO.abp.CETIN /100RIST600 /Pack of 6 x 100mg vials
RISTO.abp.CETIN /100RIST-100-1 /100mg vial
Lyophilized Platelets /ABP-LYO_PPLA-5/ Pack of 5 x 5ml vials
Ristocetin Cofactor Assay Kit /ABP-RICOF /40/80 Test Kit
ABP-RICOF comprises 4 x 5ml Lyophilized Platelet 2x 1ml RISTO.abp.CETIN 10mg/ml
2 x 1ml Reference Plasma 2 x 0,5ml Abnormal QC Plasma 2 x 25ml Tris-Buffered Saline

Product /Product Code /Packaging
Collagen (Equine Tendon) T1 /ABP-COL-1 /1mg/ml, 1ml vial
Collagen (Equine Tendon) T1 /ABP-COL-2 /2mg/ml, 1ml vial
Collagen Diluent /ABP-COL-DIL-5 /5ml vial
TRAP-6 1mM /ABP-TRA-1 /1ml vial
Reference Plasma /ABP-RP-1 /1ml vial
Q.C.Plasma /ABP-QCP /0.5ml vial
ADP 0.2mM /ABP-ADP-1 /1ml vial
Arachidonic Acid 5mg/ml ABP-ARA-1 /1ml vial
Epinephrine 100uM /ABP-EPI-1 /1ml vial
vWF Actyvity Kit /ABP-ACT-KIT
vWF Antigen Kit /ABP-TOT-KIT


Read more: abpcorp.com

LyseNow® Cards

FortiusBio has developed several new filter card devices to easily sample, extract, transport and eluate RNA and DNA from various matrices.

LyseNow® Perforated Cards are thick filter paper card for all sample matrices, including blood, for both RNA and DNA. Each card has seven perforated 3 mm discs for easy detach with pipette tips. Each card has unique barcode for the ease of sample and result recording and tracking. The design of the perforated card is the subject of a pending US design patent application (US 29578820).