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Unlike conventional immunogold probes, in which colloidal gold  particles are electrostatically adsorbed to antibodies and proteins, Nanoprobes  gold labels are uncharged molecules which are cross-linked to specific  sites on biomolecules. This gives the probes a range and versatility  which is not available with colloidal gold.
The labels can be attached to any molecule with a reactive group --  proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, small molecules and lipids -- for  detection and localization. Other labels can be combined with these gold  labels; the unique FluoroNanogold probes combine Nanogold® and  fluorescein into a single probe for imaging a specimen both by  fluorescence and electron microscopy.

 VivoVist™: The Ultimate Micro CT Contrast Agent
Features and Advantages

  • VivoVist™ provides approximately 3-4 times higher contrast  than competing commercial microCT contrast agents. An Initial blood  concentration of 50 mg/mL (5%), or 1 g/kg body weight (one-third of one  vial for a 25 g mouse) gives greater than 3500 HU (Hounsfeld Units)  contrast.
  • Long blood half-life of 14 hrs.  VivoVist™ stays in the circulatory system longer than competing  products. This enables extended imaging times and data collection, and  allows longer diffusion into tumors and other features of interest,  increasing their contrast.
  • Lowest price - makes imaging rats and larger animals affordable.  VivoVist™ is more concentrated that competing products, meaning that  fewer units are required to image larger animals. Less than two vials  will provide good contrast in a 250 g rat.
  • Low toxicity (4 g/kg is well-tolerated).  VivoVist™ can be administered in higher doses than competing products,  to produce super-high contrst in fine structures or to accelerate  loading of tumors or other features of interest.
  • Low osmolality, even at high concentrations.  This means that injecting VivoVist™ will not greatly change the levels  of electrolytes in the circulatory system. Impacts to metabolism,  signaling and other processes that depend on maintaining a steady ionic  strength are minimized.
  • Low viscosity: easy to inject  into small mouse tail vein blood vessels (typical injection volume 0.25  mL). VivoVist™ is more easily injected, causes less injection site  trauma to the animal, and may be administered more quickly and in higher  concentration that more viscous contrast agents such as iodine-based  reagents.
  • Can be imaged using MicroCT, clinical CT, planar X-ray, or mammography units.  VivoVist™ is adaptable for any commonly used computed tomography  system, giving users the flexibility to image in any desired instrument  configuration.
  • Enhances radiotherapy X-ray dose to tumors and other targets.  Because it absorbs X-rays so strongly, VivoVist™ increases the local  X-ray dose. If it is concentrated in tumors or other therapeutic  targets, it can provide a method for enhancing radiotherapy and  increasing the efficacy of cancer therapy.

GoldEnhance™ EM Plus - Develop with gold for the very best enhancement.       
Get deep penetration with our ultra-small gold labels...
       Develop with GoldEnhance™ EM Plus to 3-20 nm for incredible imaging!
Gold developers are better than silver, for many applications.
  • Slow enhancement for an easy control of particle size
  • Better for SEM: Gold gives a much better backscatter signal than silver
  • Low background - No autonucleation for 40 minutes
  • Neutral pH for best ultrastructural preservation
  • Permanent staining: does not fade
  • Safe to use before osmium tetroxide etching --silver would  dissolve.
  • Compatible with physiological buffers and other halide solutions
                   --silver would precipitate.
  • Can be used for specimens on metal surfaces (e.g. cell culture substrates)
  • Light insensitive, Low viscosity, Mix-and-use
  • Our new favorite for EM!
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