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Visualize Acetylated Proteins: New Ac Detection Tools

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Is acetylation the mechanism you’ve been searching for?

Visualize Ac-Mitochondria:
Broad, pan acetyl-lysine detection with the unique ability to identify mitochondrial-localized acetylated proteins (AAC02)

Track Ac-Microtubules:
Broad, pan acetyl-lysine detection with robust acetylated microtubule identification (AAC03)

Don’t miss out on detecting your acetylated proteins!

Broad Specificity: Cytoskeleton created acetyl-lysine affinity beads using a proprietary mixture of AAC02 and AAC03 antibodies.
Those beads (AAC04-beads) enrich the broadest profile of acetylated proteins on the market!

Signal Seeker Acetyl-Lysine Detection Tools

Signal-Seeker™ Acetyl-Lysine Detection Kits (30 Assays) (BK163) BK163

Signal-Seeker™ Acetyl-Lysine Detection Kits (10 Assays) (BK163-S) BK163-S

Acetyl-Lysine Affinity Beads (AAC04-beads) AAC04-beads

Acetyl-lysine Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (AAC02) AAC02

Acetyl-lysine Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (AAC03) AAC03

Acetyl-lysine-HRP-labeled Mouse Monoclonal Antibody(AAC03-HRP)

BlastR Rapid Lysate Prep Kit (BLR01) BLR01

Visualizing Actin in Fixed and Live cells

Special Offer for Actin Reagents from Cytoskeleton
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Acti-stain™ 488 phalloidin (PHDG1-A) read more…
Acti-stain™ 555 phalloidin (PHDH1-A) read more…
Acti-stain™ 670 phalloidin (PHDN1-A) read more…
Rhodamine Phalloidin (PHDR1) read more…
Rho Activator (CN01) read more…
Rac and Cdc42 Activator (CN02) read more…
Rho Activator II (CN03) read more…
Rho/Rac/Cdc42 Activator I (CN04) read more…
Cell Permeable Rho Inhibitor (C3 Transferase based) (CT04) read more…


Panel 1: Rho activation in Swiss 3T3 cells treated with CN03 Rho Activator. F-actin is visualized with Acti-Stain 488 (PHDG1) and nuclear DNA staining with Dapi (blue).
Panel 2: Rac activation in Swiss 3T3 cells treated with Rac activator CN04. F-actin is visualized with Acti-Stain 488 (PHDG1)
Panel 3: Interphase HeLa cell stained with Acti-Stain 555 (PHDH1).
Panel 4: Pre-mitotic HeLa cell stained with Acti-Stain 670 (PHDN1)

MCE – Free samples

MedChemexpress (MCE) provides a wide range of research chemicals and biochemicals including novel life-science reagents, reference compounds, APIs and Natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. MCE has an enthusiastic, energetic and friendly Technical and Customer Support team with years of experience in the Life Science industry.
MCE pays great attention on the purity, stability and activity of the compounds.

Did you know that you can also get free samples!
See the list here: Freesamples.pdf

Read more: medchemexpress.com

DB Biotech – new innovations


Bio-Mediator has started as DB Biotech distributor for Scandinavian countries.

Their focuse is on the design and production of high quality rabbit clonal antibodies developed by a novel and proprietary in-vitro cloning technology. DB Biotech monospecific clonal antibodies are uniquely characterized by exceptional specificity, affinity and avidity.

The DB Biotech technology enables the preparation of a pure immunoglobulin fraction corresponding to a single clone of B lymphocytes. The obtained immunoglobulin recognizes only one single linear epitope on the antigen molecule, making a DB Biotech antibody comparable in quality to its monoclonal analogue.

They utilizes this technology in flow cytometry, IHC and other products for diagnostics and research.

Read more: dbbiotech.com

Cell Émigré Assay


A quick & quantitative assay for determining linear cell migration rate.
It is designed for use with attachment-dependent mammalian cells.

Migration rate responses can be readily compared across different cell types. The assay provides a rapid means of evaluating and comparing the effect of chemical or biological treatments such as chemical agents, proteins, peptides, antibodies or genetically modified cells.

Read more: http://www.biocolor.co.uk/index.php/assay-kits/cell-emigre-cell-migration-assay/

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